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Today I had to shoot in a studio. Lights, reflexion boards, thetered shooting, the whole nine yards. The first shoot was with Glennis Grace, a dutch singer. She brought some people with her; hair, make up, styling. Unfortunately this is no environment for my M9. It was great photographing her, as she knew exactly how to pose. When we had the pictures that were necessary for the magazine, I did ask her for a quick picture with the Leica… just to put it up here and on my FB page.

After Glennis, Javier Guzman - dutch comedian - walked in for the next session. He brought just one suit and no make-up and was unbelievably photo genetic (at least that’s my humble opinion.) I love the way he just walks up to the spot and just…. stands there. Natural, no fuss…  Javier also gave me 5 minutes extra for a quick Leica shot. 

Some days I just have to say it out loud instead of just keeping it for my self… I realy love my job!

Some more…

As a special request I will post just a few extra pictures here of Chef’Specials concert last Saturday. It’s a small selection of the 21 extra I have posted on my facebook page and flickr. Hope you like them.


Sometimes, I get the honour to be invited into the world of others. Live with them, for just one day. See what they do, how they do it, what makes their world spin. Last night was one of those moments. The band Chef’Special invited me to document their very last gig of the tour. All of it. Sound check, last briefing,  the gig and even the after party. They had been touring for the past two years and this one last gig, filled with emotions, I got to run around on stage to do my own thing. Their energy, their musicality, and specially their love were overwhelming and I was right in the middle of it.


Can’t wait for them to go back into the studio and record their next album. Thanks Chef’Special for letting me be part of your special night!

For more pictures, check my Facebook or my Flickr account. All pictures were taken with the Leica M9 and a Summicron 35mm or a Summicron 75 mm. Because of the low light conditions, I used ISO 800 up to even 1600. At the after party I started shooting with flash, something I rarely do with the Leica, and to be honest I love it! All pictures are converted with Silver Effex Pro II.

One of my heroes.

A friend of mine is owner of a beachbar in Scheveningen. Or to be precise, he used to be owner, because he sold the place after making it a succes in the past six years. Now his plan is to travel for 5 months through parts of South America and after that is still the great unknown. To me, a decision like his is a bold and impressive move. I’m so proud to know people who do exactly what their hart tells them to do and he is definitely one of them.

His goodbye party was sensational. Every aspect of this mans being was represented: beautiful weather, warm and open people, a brilliant band playing his kind of music. I had the honor and opportunity to document this. Using just the Leica M9 with my 35mm and 75mm I could easily mingle and look from the outside in at the same time… it was all I needed. For more pictures of this beautiful day, you can have a look at my facebook page 

Henk Bernlef

Just a quick photo taken with the Leica M9 and the Summicron 75mm during an assignment with a famous Dutch writer. I did most of the job with my Nikon, but comparing those pictures with this one… I just love the feel of the Leica!

If you like to see more of my work, take a look at my facebook page and don’t forget to like it!

Leica M9 with the Summicron 75mm at f2.4 - 1/60 sec - ISO 500


A little while ago, a friend asked if I could document the work of one of his supliers. He could make these pictures into an exhibition in his snackbar. It’s not just a snackbar, its a place where he and his brother only serve organic fries and some other organic food. Next to their venue, they have a car they use on different festivals. "Friethoes" is a great business and in my opinion they serve the best fries ever!

The reportage he wanted me to make, was at one of his suppliers of organic potatoes. A special project in a part of the Netherlands with a couple of 100 small islands used for agriculture. The special part in this project is that the people working here, are socially less privileged or are at the end of imprisonment and are getting ready to become part of society again.

Leica M9 with a Summicron 35mm at f4.0 - 1/500sec - ISO160

Leica M9 with a Summicron 35mm at f4.0 - 1/750sec - ISO160

Leica M9 with a Summicron 75mm at f2.4 - 1/3000sec - ISO160

Leica M9 with a Summicron 35mm at f3.4 - 1/1500sec - ISO160

Leica M9 with a Summicron 35mm at f4.0 - 1/1000sec - ISO160

Leica M9 with a Summicron 75mm at f4.8 - 1/750sec - ISO160

Leica M9 with a Summicron 35mm at f3.4 - 1/125sec - ISO400

Ben Saunders

Today I had a shoot with Dutch singer Ben Saunders, winner of the first “the Voice of Holland”. It was a shoot that needed to be done pretty quick and in a few different settings/locations, so I chose to use my Nikon, to be on the safe side. I need to see if I got what I need and with the M9 display being as it is… I didn’t dare to take the chance of being slightly off.

Still I managed to squeeze in the M9 for a quick shot for this blog. I actually really like it and it’s spot on. If I would have had the time, I’d done it all with the Leica.

Leica M9, with a Summicron 75mm at  1/250 sec - f2.0 - ISO 200

An English wedding.

One and a half week ago, I was asked to shoot a wedding. As I said in my last post, normally I don’t do weddings. But seen that these people wanted me to do it… really wanted me to do it my way and on top of that, they were getting married in London, I couldn’t refuse.

Armed with two Leica M9’s (thanks to Transcontinenta BV, importer of Leica in the Netherland), a Summilux 35mm f1.4, my Summicron 75mm f2.0 and on top of that, the Noctilux 50mm f0.95 I was well equiped!

My day started at 8.30 am, joining the groom to a authentic barbershop in the center of London. A beautiful place. After that, I hurried back to see the bride do her own hair and getting ready to put on the dress. The hotel room where she was preparing was filled with family and friends, helping her out.

The marriage was held in a beautiful catholic church. To get there, the groom walked with family and friends. The bride would arrive later, with her dad, by taxi. A very special moment. The church was a beautiful place, providing a perfect backdrop for my pictures. As it was pretty dark, most photos were taken at high ISO, witch I’m more comfortable with now, and lenses fully opened (what else do you expect shooting Leica glass ;-)

The whole ceremony was amazing to witness and I can honestly say I was having a really good time shooting this wedding. Approaching it as a reportage in my own style, actually made it a lot of fun to do. They are not the typical wedding photos, but this is what I do and, more important, what the bride and groom asked me to do.

After the ceremony, we all went back to the hotel with a big red buss to have a drink, a wonderful diner and of course a dance. It was a long day, shooting from 9 in the morning till 10 at night, but is was definitely worth it!

Anouk at Pinkpop

About a week ago I had the opportunity to photograph Dutch Rock singer Anouk at Pinkpop festival. Because I had an agreement with her management, I was also able to photograph on stage the first three songs. From there I could see other photographers standing front stage. By the time I got front stage, I had all the time (and space) to do my thing.

The management asked me to come, revering to last time I was there with Anouk. Because they did, I decided to shoot again in black and white, or at least converting them with Silver effex pro. You can read a blog about the gig with Anouk here and a little bit more about converting to black and white here.

Because I wanted to do this with the M9, I gave myself a slight disadvantage. With the stage being massive, I couldn’t get in close. With the help of Transcontinenta BV (importer of Leica) I was equipped with an extra M9, a 50mm noctilux, a 90 mm summicron and ofcours my own M9 with a 35 and 75 summicron. But even some of the pictures taken with the 90mm I had to crop later on to make the image work the way I wanted. Luckily I’m not a purist.

Of course I took many more photos than I can show you, on stage and backstage. With a celebs like this, I had to sign a contract stating that I can only publish the pictures that are permitted by Anouk herself. She did post them on her own website.


Today some colleagues, friends and me went gliding… a belated Christmas present. It was cold and windy, but beautiful weather. Visibility was incredible and adrenaline was pumping… but the best was the silence up in the air… a natural Zen moment for your self.

I’m still shooting with the 35 mm and 75 mm summicron lenses wich is great because by now I can dream the outcome. Still I don’t mind cropping every now and again when 75 mm isn’t enough or time is to short to switch lenses… as long as the picture says what I want to say.

Again I converted all pictures with Silver Efex Pro, and I have to say… I would love to try out the new Leica M9M…. If only to see what happens if I lose control in conversion, seen the fact that it won’t be necessary to convert ;-)

Up in the air I only shot a couple, for the rest I really wanted to enjoy the moment. Still I took a self portrait with my Iphone as well… 

For more pictures and these pictures at a higher resolution, check my flickr account.

Leica M9 with 35mm summicron at f4.0 - 1/2000 sec - 200 ISO

Leica M9 with 35mm summicron at f3.4 - 1/500 sec - 160 ISO

Leica M9 with 35mm summicron at f4.8 - 1/2000 sec - 160 ISO

Leica M9 with 75mm summicron at f4.0 - 1/750 sec - 160 ISO

Leica M9 with 75mm summicron at f4.8 - 1/1500 sec - 160 ISO

Leica M9 with 75mm summicron at f4.0 - 1/2000 sec - 160 ISO

Iphone with the camera+ app.